Final Fantasy IX
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Really good control for ported games
Auto-save feature
Blurry background, if we compare to the character objects
Perfect! Download Final Fantasy IX Latest Mod APK on APKSaurus Since mobile game market is increasing, we usually see a repacked classic game that’s ported to mobile devices. The most popular series is a legendary RPG game from Square Enix, Final Fantasy. After the first series until the seventh are released on mobile device, Square Enix is realeasing the Final Fantasy IX of Final Fantasy franchise to Android and iOS. I wondering, why they skipped the 8th series though.

Final Fantasy IX Android

Final Fantasy IX is the best Final Fantasy series that has been ported to Android device by Square Enix until now. There are a lot of ported game that has a really bad control, so what about Final Fantasy IX Mod APK? Does it really have a bad control? Well, Square Enix did their job really well, unlike the Final Fantasy VII which is really bad in the control section. You can play Final Fantasy VII with enjoy.

Final Fantasy IX Latest APK

Final Fantasy IX Latest APK

Final Fantasy IX APK Download

Final Fantasy IX APK Download

Unfortunately, the graphic of Final Fantasy IX isn’t that good. Maybe, the characters are good, they had put some details into it. But the background isn’t since it’s kinda blurry, really different with the sharpness detail from the character which kinda annoys me.


Final Fantasy IX Android is really a great game, you really need to try it. If you’re an RPG game lovers you need to download it now. Final Fantasy IX mobile is a really good ported game, whether you’re new to Final Fantasy or an old player who want to enjoy the great story of Final Fantasy, you both need to try it. Believe me, Download Final Fantasy IX APK on APKSaurus now!

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What’s New?

Learn new abilities by equipping items.
When fully mastered, these abilities can be used even without equipping items, allowing for nearly endless customization options.

Fill your Trance gauge as you sustain hits in battle.
When fully charged, your characters will enter Trance mode, granting them powerful new skills!

Never let items go to waste. Combine two items or pieces of equipment together and make better, stronger items!

Whether it’s Chocobo Hot and Cold, Jump Rope, or Tetra Master, there are plenty of minigames to enjoy when you’re not off saving the world.
You can even earn special item rewards!


Name Final Fantasy IX

File Size  32 MB (APK) and 2 GB (Data)

Version 1.4.9

Android Version 4.0.3 and up

Uploaded 5 March 2017

Final Fantasy IX Android

Final Fantasy IX APK Download

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